Friday, June 26, 2015

We hope nothing is impossible!

I LOVE to hear how you came to us and the outcome of your journey. We consider each of our patients part of the Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery family and are invested in your recovery success. This is a story recently shared with us from one of our patients.

I was born with one lung and was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 12. At that point in time my spine was too far gone for any kind of brace, surgery was the only answer. We were afraid to do surgery because at 12 years old I had already medically been through so much. So I fought scoliosis for years and I was in pain all the time due to the curve. My hip went bad and then during my pregnancy the curve got worse and actually became a triple curve.
After the birth of my son we searched for the best surgeon to help me and would take on my high risk case. We were referred to Dr.Hey by another orthopedist. From the beginning, he treated us like family and took such great care of me. I was very comfortable with Dr.Hey and his team.
I now feel like I should at 24!
We thank Dr.Hey for fixing what we thought was impossible. Thanks for straightening me out!”
Vanessa Mcmanus and Family
Surgery date 6/2/15

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Flat Back Syndrome and Spondylolisthesis - can I ever stand up straight again?

I received these 2 pictures from Sheila, from South Carolina, who had flat back syndrome anterior/posterior surgery with me a few weeks ago, and is now doing very well. She had an old Harrington rod fusion with severe L5S1 spondylolisthesis with spinal stenosis.  

Email text received today with first and second photos!
Hello. I wanted to share with you this BEFORE surgery picture. This was taken the day we left for Raleigh NC 4 days before surgery.  This is my son. He wanted a picture before we left. I am also emailing you an after picture.
AFTER surgery. 2 weeks post op.

Dr. Lloyd Hey
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How quickly can my teenager get back to sports and even the prom after adolescent scoliosis surgery

Natalie, a 15 yo 6 weeks s/p T5-L2 instrumentation and fusion doing great, who wrote this in email on 5/4/15: 

"Turns out I danced the night away at prom and 5 weeks after my surgery I was able to get back on the field and pitch a whole game , hit, run , slide and do everything everyone else on the team could! Everyone was so shocked including myself , this would have never been able to happen without you! I've been back to playing softball and Thursday was my last game but I went out with a bang! I pitched the whole game, slid into the base, dove back to the base and even hit a home run!"

Natalie:  you go girl!!!    Lloyd A. Hey, MD MS  Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Robert in his 30's shares difference scoliosis surgery has had on quality of life and improved posture.

I saw Robert back at Hey Clinic this week for his one year postop visit after his scoliosis surgery with us.  He had scoliosis as a teenager, and was left with a residual deformity that actually progressed during his early adulthood. He did a lot of research over the years, and eventually decided to get it fixed now in his 30's.  He shares his story here in this YouTube, including his path through recovery, getting back to the gym with weight lifting,  and back to family life including carrying heavy car seats, and enjoying a better posture.

Lloyd A. Hey, MD MS --

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Playing Sports and Long-term outcome from Shilla Procedure and Definitive Instrumentation and Fusion for Janelle, Early Onset Scoliosis

Got this email from Janelle's dad earlier today.  6 yo Janelle had 120 degree early onset scoliosis we treated Dec 2010 with Shilla Technique  combined with anterior fusion (similar to growing rod), followed by postop followup, and 3 years later definitive instrumentation and fusion at age 9

Looking great Janelle!  
Dr. Lloyd Hey, 
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery.

Dr. Hey,
Good morning. Janelle just came home from her third soccer game this spring. She is doing great and having lots of fun. Her coach's daughter is another patient of yours-- Rachel.
Blessings to you and your family today.
Cort, Katrina, Janelle, Ethan, and Isaac
Picture is attached. :-)

(shared with family permission)