Saturday, April 18, 2015

Playing Sports and Long-term outcome from Shilla Procedure and Definitive Instrumentation and Fusion for Janelle, Early Onset Scoliosis

Got this email from Janelle's dad earlier today.  6 yo Janelle had 120 degree early onset scoliosis we treated Dec 2010 with Shilla Technique  combined with anterior fusion (similar to growing rod), followed by postop followup, and 3 years later definitive instrumentation and fusion at age 9

Looking great Janelle!  
Dr. Lloyd Hey, 
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery.

Dr. Hey,
Good morning. Janelle just came home from her third soccer game this spring. She is doing great and having lots of fun. Her coach's daughter is another patient of yours-- Rachel.
Blessings to you and your family today.
Cort, Katrina, Janelle, Ethan, and Isaac
Picture is attached. :-)

(shared with family permission)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Adjacent Level Failure / Stenosis below Harrington Rod fusion. Finding patients who have had found hope and success and relief on Hey Clinic YouTube and Blog

I saw this this woman in her mid-50's from Virginia with her husband on Friday, who had a Harrington Rod fusion as a teenager, and now has progressive back and radiating thigh pain.  It even is painful to turn over when sleeping.  You can see from her CT myelogram that there is an extremely tight "pinch" or stenosis just below her Harrington rod, and that she also has flat back syndrome.

She is anxious about considering surgery, since she had a horrible experience as a teenager with surgery and a body cast for 9 months -- almost like a PTSD problem for her.

We are going to try some conservative treatments, but epidural injection already did not help, since stenosis is just so tight.  If the conservative treatment fails, there is hope for her with surgery, and we could even do it in a less invasive / minimally invasive way without having to go in through her abdomen either anteriorly or laterally.

She asked if she could talk to some of my previous Harrington rod extension fusion patients, and I seemed to remember we had several patients on our YouTube channel as a good next step.  As you can see from the long list, we have had a lot of experience helping not just children and adolescents, but many adults with scoliosis and kyphosis, including those needing revision extension work.  We also do have previous patients, who in certain cases we connect with our patients considering surgery, which is our "Surgery Buddy System."  But, our Blog, searching on keywords, as well as the YouTube channel is a great place to start.

Maybe some of these patient stories will help some of you as well?

Lloyd A. Hey, MD MS
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery

Here are a few YouTube links for you:    Crystal J, had Harrington Rod extension fusion.  Could be good buddy.  Cheryl R, in mid 40-'s.  Had Harrington Rod as teen, and then extension fusion.  Good possible buddy.  Elizabeth was 55, had Harrington rod fusion as teen, then had extension fusion 5 weeks before video.  Good possible buddy  Charlene J - had previous Harrington Rod surgery.  Might be a good "buddy"  -- Lisa  may be a good one for you to talk to.   55 yo woman 6 weeks postop from thoracolumbar iliac wing fusion for severe scoliosis    Had flatback syndrome, fixed.  Had severe flatback syndrome with old Harrington rod fusion, treated anterior/posterior  -- Patricia E -- also had severe scoliosis, but no Harrington rod.  -- Jeannette - from Wilmington, NC - also might be a good buddy.  -- Connie a year postop -- doing well, training for half marathon.   Pam - 60 yo- severe scoliosis, progressive.   Jeri from Franklin, NC 6 hours away, had a very severe scoliosis  Elizabeth 1 year postop from severe scoliosis correction  One year postop, 47 yo with severe scoliosis  John from Florida, 51, had severe kyphoscoliosis and obesity.  Now doing very well.    60 yo Andrea had severe scoliosis and very poor quality of life.   Elva had anterior/posterior extension fusion, and tells about her recovery    Debbie had horrible preop pain, with severe scoliosis  Andrea, 60yo had severe scoliosis, very poor quality of life  Collection of adult surgeries at Hey Clinic

Here are some Blog posts about Harrington Rod extension fusions, just searching my blog for word "harrington"

Hope these resources help!