Friday, January 30, 2009

Mary's Back To Life Story After Scoliosis Surgery

Begin forwarded message:

From: Mary
Date: January 30, 2009 3:44:38 PM EST
To: "Dr. Lloyd Hey" 
Subject: Back to life story

In the 10 years before surgery I went to several neuro surgeons and pain clinics both in NJ and NC.   All agreed that my back was in poor shape, but there was nothing anyone could do.  I was literally told I'd have to learn to live with it.

The pain increased each year until by 2006 it was all I could do to take ten steps, hanging onto a rail or someone.  The pain became so severe that I would have to sit and rest.  My quality of life diminished to one of merely existing day to day.  I had just about given up hope when my primary care doctor asked me if I would go t o Raleigh and meet with Dr. Lloyd Hey and get his opinion.

My husband and I were thrilled with another chance at help.  We prayed about it
and said,"Yes" we'd go. When we met Dr. Hey we were m,ost impressed by his gentle, understanding manor and his overall sense of "Hope"  After over an hour
of explaining my x-rays and showing us what was causing my pain, he said it would require extensive surgery, but it was fixable.

I was so elated that he felt comfident he could reduce my pain level almost completely, that we prepared to have the surgery very soon.  It went very well.
Un fortunately I was only home about ten days when I fell-hence the second surgery.  At this time I've just had my one year check up and"Graduated" with flying colors.
I have had "NO"  back pain since my surgery. This has been a true miracle for me and my family.  

I am looking forward to my Spring gardening, which I hav't been able to do for the past three years.  I can now cook standing up, I can shop without having to stop every few minutes.  My craft projects are now back in full swing, and I
have a whole new outlook of hope for the rest of my life.

I cannot thank and praise Dr. Hey, Jaclyn, Brittany, his Pa's and his entire staff
for all they have done for me.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You and God Blest all of You and I ask God to give you many more years to help others.
I'm sending in the back to life story and consent to use wherever

Mary Ellen C.

Lloyd A. Hey, MD MS
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
Raleigh, NC  USA

Member, Scoliosis Research Society (SRS)

McKenzie Day #1 Postop: Doing great. McKenzie's mom, Pam, asks for "Before/After" Photos to get put on Blog!

Today was McKenzie’s first day after surgery. She did very well last night, and looked quite good this morning on our morning rounds at 7am.
When I came by on late afternoon rounds, her nurse grabbed me and told me that McKenzie was cruising up and down the halls and back again, with her two grandpas on either arm guiding her along.
McKenzie’s mom, Pam, asked if I had a chance to post the “before/after” X-Rays on the blog yet, since she was eager to share those pictures with family that are out of town, and across the country. I admitted that my little laptop was quite “sick”, including my iPhoto Library, but I would make a special effort to get them up there this evening, one way or another.

Well, as requested by Pam, here are the before-after pics for McKenzie, who was showing off her new posture without the big rib hump to the whole Duke Raleigh Orthopaedic Floor and her many family members!

You look great McKenzie!

If all continues to go well, McKenzie should be heading home tomorrow after 2 nights with us in the hospital.

Dr. Lloyd Hey
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
Raleigh, NC USA
Member, Scoliosis Research Society (HTTP://WWW.SRS.ORG)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thoracic Kyphosis causing lumbar hyperlordosis, causing spondylolysis in a 12 yo girl.

This morning right before fixing McKenzie’s scoliosis I saw another 12 yo girl named Carson for a second opinion for surgery.  This young lady had a pars fracture, or spondylolysis at L5, with occasional back pain.  A posterior L5-S1 instrumentation and fusion was being suggested.

I did not find any significant spondylolisthesis, but did find that she had a 62 degree thoracic kyphosis with some Scheuermann’s Kyphosis changes in mid-thoracic spine, which caused her low back to go into hyperlordosis, which increased stress at L5, and may have contributed to the cause of the stress fracture of L5.

Carson’s dad showed up about half-way through the appointment, and she was able to explain to her dad the “dominoe effect” of the kyphosis contributing to her lower back issue.

We all agreed to hold off on surgery, but keep an eye on the kyphosis over next few months and years to look for progression and/or pain.

That was very welcome news for Carson and her family!
Strong work, Carson!

Lloyd A. Hey, MD MS
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
Raleigh, NC  USA
Member, Scoliosis Research Society,

12 yo scoliosis young lady gets straightened up today with a very big and loving crowd!

Well it has been a little while since I have had a chance to update the Blog, but TODAY I’ve got a minute to share a couple powerful moments.
This morning I met McKenzie and her family and friends and pastors before her adolescent idiopathic scoliosis surgery.
I am not exaggerating --- there were I think 11 people there to love and encourage McKenzie and her family.
The private room in the Preop Area was simply packed, but we got a nice team picture together after McKenzie’s pastor led us in a big circle in a powerful prayer.
McKenzie’s surgery went really well, and took 2 hours and 40 minutes.
Estimated Blood loss was around 700 cc, and cell saver blood was returned to her x 250 cc.
No blood transfusions were necessary, and we got a really nice correction.

When I came back out to talk to the family, McKenzie’s fan club had grown from 11 to 13!
When I climbed into the conference room with Sarah, my NC State Intern, that made 15!
When I shared the preop and postop X-Rays with McKenzie’s mom and the whole fan group, the crowd went wild, which we were able to catch on video, with permission to share this later.  What a joy to see their relief and surprise.

One of McKenzie’s other pastors then led us in another big circle of prayer of thanksgiving around the room.

Later in the day, I saw McKenzie with her mom and others in her private room.  She looks great, and very straight, and ready to get up and get moving.

What a great and memorable day.

Lloyd A. Hey, MD MS
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
Raleigh, NC  USA
Member, Scoliosis Research Society,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bridget's "Transformation" Artwork:

Bridget is a wonderful young lady that I helped straighten out her
scoliosis last year.
During the past few months, she has moved over from being a
pharmaceutical rep, to being my instrumentation rep for the spinal
hardware I use routinely in the operating room from Pioneer.
She surprised me this week in the operating room this week with a
beautiful painting that she painted herself.
The title of her painting is "Transformation."
Take a close look ----- I could tell right away that it was a
straightened spine with ribs, but it was also a butterfly --- a
creature that is transformed into something beautiful and free from a
little crooked caterpillar crawling slowly on the ground!

Thanks, Bridget, for your beautiful painting. It is now proudly
displayed in the entry of Hey Clinic next to some of our other artwork!
Thanks also for joining our special team.

Lloyd A. Hey, MD MS
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
Raleigh, NC USA
Member, Scoliosis Research Society (SRS)

Caitlyn asks to get her picture taken w/ Dr. Hey after scoliosis surgery

When I came in for rounds early in the morning at WakeMed, Caitlyn
caught me off guard when she asked if she could her picture taken with
Her mom didn't want to join us in the picture since she was still in
her pajamas, but she was nice enough to take the picture!
Caitlyn had her scoliosis surgery on Monday, and now she is even more
beautiful than before.
Today, Caitlyn got to go home from the hospital today, and looks great!
Get well soon, Caitlyn!! You look awesome!
Take care,
Dr. Hey
Lloyd A. Hey, MD MS
Spine Surgeon
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
Raleigh, NC USA
Member, Scoliosis Research Society (SRS)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Adult scoliosis patient tells her story finding hope and relief 8 weeks after major scoliosis surgery.

Got this nice letter mailed to us today from one of our recent adult
scoliosis patients.

"My scoliosis was discovered at age 20 during a physical for
employment. My problems began in 1956 and in 1963 a slipped disc
required hospitalization with traction to correct. My problems
increased and between 1998 and 2008 I began seeing a series of 10
orthopaedic and neurosurgeons who prescribed various treatments
including TENS unit, epidural injections, physical therapy as well as
numerous pain medications with short term or no help. None of the 10
surgeons offered or were capable of performing surgery to help correct
my deteriorating scoliosis condition. One nationally known orthopedic
surgeon at Emory University did offer to perform surgery in 2008 but
his prognosis was only a 50% chance of success and the surgery would
have taken 12 hours. The pain in my back prevented me from doing
lifting, reaching, sweeping, yard work, mopping, and even cooking for
my family. In 2007 I could only sit for 10 minutes and could not
drive a car. The pain continued to become worse every month. In
September 2008 I saw Dr. Hey who after reviewing my history and
treatment agreed to perform scoliosis which would take 5 hours and
have a potential 90% success. Dr. Hey is the only surgeon who
promised any significant improvement in quality of my life after the
surgery. The surgery was performed November 12 2008 in 5 hours and in
the 8 weeks since my surgery my back pain has been decreasing every
week. Although I still have some pain in my upper back, it continues
to lessen and the "hump" I had in my back as well as most of the
curvature of my spine was corrected on November 12th. My quality of
life has drastically improved and the future now appears bright as far
as my back is considered."

Age 76
South Carolina, USA

Lloyd A. Hey, MD MS
Spine Surgeon
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
Raleigh, NC USA
Member, Scoliosis Research Society (SRS)

Hey Clinic is on Facebook!

This is big news! Thanks to Shelbi in our office, Hey Clinic is now
on Facebook!
Check it out!
Thanks Shelbi for your creative help.

Lloyd A. Hey, MD MS
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
Raleigh, NC USA
Member, Scoliosis Research Society (SRS)

Monday January 5 Hey Clinic Surgery: 15 yo with severe scoliosis and cerebral palsy

Yesterday we helped Caitlyn, who has spastic quadriplegia with severe
progressive scoliosis.
We did a T5-Iliac wing instrumentation and fusion over at WakeMed in
She did well during surgery, and we obtained an excellent correction.
Her surgery took about 4 and a half hours, and she was transfused 1
unit of blood, and cell saver.
She spent the evening in the PICU at WakeMed, and will be transferred
to the floor today.
When I came out after surgery, there were like a DOZEN friends and
family there. Caitlyn is well loved at home, and in her church and
Get well soon, Caitlyn!


Today's Surgery: L45 spondylolisthesis with severe stenosis in 57 yo woman who had laminectomy only, which failed.

SURGERY TODAY WENT VERY WELL. L45 revision decompression and
instrumentation and fusion.

EBL: 150
START: 0840
FINISH: 1017
SURGICAL TIME: 1h 37 min (97 minutes)

Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Layla doing great after scoliosis surgery

Layla is one of our recent adolescent scoliosis patients who came back
to clinic yesterday looking great.
Take care, Layla!
Dr. Hey
Lloyd A. Hey, MD MS
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
Raleigh, NC USA

Member, Scoliosis Research Society (SRS)

Nice Thank You Picture and Card from adolescent scoliosis surgery patient

Yesterday I saw a bunch of scoliosis surgery follow-ups in clinic, including Brittney and her mom.
Brittney's posture looks awesome, and she is doing really well.
She took the time to write up a nice thank you card, and framed a picture of her very first walk down the hall after her surgery, with Kristin, a wonderful physical therapist at Duke Raleigh Hospital.
Thanks, Brittney, for your kind card and framed picture!
Take care,
Dr. Hey
Lloyd A. Hey, MD MS
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
Raleigh, NC USA

Member, Scoliosis Research Society (SRS)

Olivia's Portrait of Dr. Hey

Yesterday, Olivia and her family came back for her scoliosis follow-up.
She is a 6 yo girl with scoliosis we are treating in a Boston brace.
Her curve has not progressed, and during the appointment she surprised
me with a wonderful portrait that she drew during the appointment!
She even took the time to write my name carefully in red pen at the
I must say, her drawing looks just like me!

Lloyd A. Hey, MD MS
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
Raleigh, NC USA
Member, Scoliosis Research Society (SRS)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fwd: Pictures from Antarctica. Hey Clinic Adult Scoliosis Surgery Patient Gives Thanks from South Pole.

> From: "Carol
> Date: January 1, 2009 2:05:52 PM EST
> To: Dr. Hey
> Subject: Pictures from Antarctica
> Hi Dr. Hey,
> As you may recall, you performed a very extensive spinal fusion on
> me in March, 2005.
> I have attached two photos of me that my husband took on our recent
> trip to Antarctica. Thanks for making it possible for me to have
> this wonderful experience.
> Wishing you, your family and your staff a joyous 2009,
> Carol