Tuesday, November 13, 2007

78 degree scoliosis surgical correction in 60 yo nurse practioner: Hey Clinic Surgery Nov 13 2007. Jac's 2nd Anniversary w/ Hey Clinic

Today we helped a 60 yo nurse with severe progressive thoracolumbar scoliosis which has increased to 78 degrees recently with severe pain.
Procedure:  T4-Iliac wing instrumentation and fusion with L1-5 laminectomy, L3 L4 osteotomies, L5S1 TLIF.
Her surgery took approximately 6 hours skin to skin.
Bone quality: excellent.
Estimated Blood loss 1800 cc
Cell Saver 800 cc
Blood Transfused: None.
Complications: None.
Correction: approx 75 percent with excellent lumbar lordosis
Postop Location: ICU, extubated in operating room prior to transfer to PACU.
Postop Check: doing well, full motor and sensory, with minimal drain output and good pain control.
Will be up standing and walking tomorrow.

This curve would have been easier to fix when it was a little smaller and she was a bit younger, but with the osteotomies, and some patience with the rod contouring, etc we were able to get a well-balanced result with good curve correction.

We had our awesome OR team with us today in our laminar flow Room 12, including PA Jaclyn, celebrating her second anniversary with us at Hey Clinic tomorrow, Nov 14.  Congratulations Jaclyn!  Many thanks to rest of our wonderful OR team, including Scrub Sandra, Scrub Sheila, Scrub Rob, Nurse Kelly, Cell Saver Tech Tamika and many others.

Dr. Lloyd Hey
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
Raleigh, NC USA

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