Friday, December 21, 2007

Hey Clinic Team Photo with Santa

Today was the last day of clinic at Hey Clinic for 2007, and there was much Christmas cheer at Hey Clinic.
Someone brought in red Christmas hats in for everyone in our clinic, including me, Dr. Hey.
I initially declined the opportunity to wear the red hat.  I don’t think I have ever worn a red Santa hat before, actually.
However, I eventually caved into peer pressure, and while standing out in our “Family Room” where our guests gather, I put on my red had while fixing myself a cup of coffee.
As soon as the hat touched my head, magic happened...
Much to my surprise, within 2 seconds of my donning of the great Christmas hat I heard a very loud “HO HO HO!!!”  and in walks a very jolly Santa Claus with 3 helper elves, spreading much good cheer and candy canes.
There seemed to be a very direct cause-effect with the Christmas hat and Santa appearing.
Santa then posed for a picture with our whole Hey Clinic Team, including our newest team member Janara!

2007 has been a blessed third year as Hey Clinic.
I shared with our whole Hey Clinic team how thankful I am for all of them, and how important it is that we all work together synergistically to best serve the patients and their families from all over the country.  We have learned a lot this year, and have made a lot of improvements, and look forward to a wonderful 2008.

Many thanks to Craig and Will from Synthes who brought us lunch today, and are always faithful providing the necessary equipment in the operating room.
Thanks also to all of the caring nurses, therapists, administrators, scrub techs, nursing assistants, secretaries, case managers at Duke Raleigh Hospital and WakeMed Hospital who serve our pediatric, adolescent and adult patients with compassion and skill.

Lloyd A. Hey, MD MS
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
Raleigh, NC USA

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