Thursday, July 17, 2008

13 yo Molly from Kalamazoo, Michigan gets 88 degree Scheuermann's Kyphosis straight today

A few months I got a very nice email from Molly’s mom in Kalamazoo, Michigan very concerned about Molly’s severe Scheuermann’s Kyphosis, which had progressed into the low 80 degree range.  We exchanged X-Rays and clinical photos and clinical history via web, and talked on phone.  Molly and her mom and dad then decided to come to Hey Clinic for evaluation and then likely surgery the next day here in Raleigh, NC.

Last week, they made the 13 plus hour journey from Kalamazoo Michigan to the NC coast down in Wilmington NC for a few days to enjoy the beach, and then drove up to see me yesterday for first time at Hey Clinic.

Her kyphosis was indeed quite severe, and appeared very stiff.  
Our digital scoliosis X-Rays in Hey Clinic, measured accurately with digital on-line Cobb measurements measured 88 degree thoracic kyphosis with some wedging of vertebra.  We had a long talk about the surgery, and postoperative recovery, and Molly and her brothers and mom and dad left the clinic smiling late yesterday afternoon.  They stayed in one of the many hotels right nearby, and came back into Duke Raleigh Hospital this morning bright and early.  We got a nice team picture to start the day, and Molly went back for surgery after a family prayer.

Molly’s surgery today went very well.  Molly has her own Blog, and she wanted video and photos from surgery for her future documentaries and blog entries.  Her mom is a professional photographer, and I think Molly is following in her artistic foot steps!

Molly’s curve was very stiff, as shown in the photo showing how big her thoracic hump remained even under general anesthesia and lying on 2 rolls, prone.
Her surgery went very smoothly.  I performed a T2-L2 instrumentation and fusion using titanium pedicle screw instrumentation with multiple points of fixation.  Since her curve was SO BIG and stiff, I also performed 4 posterior thoracic Smith-Peterson osteotomies to help improve the correction.

Her surgery took approximately 4 hours from start to finish.
Our special laminar flow room was used, along with “moon suits”, and special preps and drapes for infection prevention.
Her estimated blood loss (EBL) was 750 cc, with most of this returned to her in the form of “cell saver.”
No blood transfusions were needed.
I had to do the spinal correction slowly, in a segmental fashion due to the severity and stiffness of the curve.  Fortunately, with patience, it gradually allowed me to push it down and into a normal-appearing kyphosis.
Evoked potential sensory and motor function was normal throughout surgery.
Her parents were kept informed of our progress throughout surgery.

Postoperatively, I met with Molly’s mom and dad, and Molly’s 2 brothers who were definitely “wowed” by Molly’s new shape on X Ray and intra-op photographs.

I went by to see Molly in the PACU, and then an hour later up on the orthopaedic floor where Molly was with her mom and dad and 2 brothers in a large private room, comfortable, and psyched to see the pictures of her new shape!

Here is info Molly’s mom sent me earlier today about Molly’s Blog, that Molly and her folks gave me permission to share, as well as sharing this information in my blog.

Dr. Hey,

Thank you very much for sending us the xrays.  I need to get my sleep for tomorrow but thought I'd send you the blog website as we promised.

It was so nice meeting you today. We were very much put at ease after talking with you and Molly is thrilled with you!  Thank you in advance!


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