Monday, May 3, 2010

Amazing Thank You Note and Gift from US Soldier husband of 36 yo Melanie, who had scoliosis surgery with us

April 26, 2010

Dear Dr. Hey,
Please accept this gift as a small token of our gratitude for your help these last few years, and especially for the extraordinary surgery with which you gave Melanie renewed mobility, freedom from migraines and beautiful correction!

We want you to have an enjoyable evening with your family, and this restaurant comes highly recommended.  May God bless your future endeavors, and continue to use you as a blessing to others, as He already has.

Phil and Melanie

I received this awesome personal thank you note from Melanie and her husband Phil today, which was really encouraging.  I took care of Melanie while her husband Phil was stationed at Fort Bragg as US Soldier, and had to spend quite a bit of time overseas.  She was a young mom with a very large painful scoliosis that had gotten quite a bit worse after her baby was born.  She did great with her surgery, and was able to handle her mom duties well at the same time.

I hadn’t heard from her in quite a while, but just got this note today, with an incredibly generous gift certificate to one of the best restaurants in Raleigh.  Knowing how tight their money is as a military family with young kids, and seeing this note with the gift certificate, I must admit that my eyes welled up a bit and I had to catch my breath.  Now, as I read it over again in the quiet of the evening, it is still a powerful encouragement.

Phil and Melanie:  I will never forget this incredibly thoughtful and generous gift.  You are right — the restaurant you selected is probably the nicest restaurant in Raleigh!
I can’t tell you how it encourages me and our team to continue to care for families like yours.
Your generosity simply overwhelms me, especially as your family has already sacrificed so much to help serve our country and the many people who are in war-torn countries that the US seeks to help.

When my son returns from college in a few weeks, we will make a point to take that gift card down to Raleigh and celebrate.  He’s been away from home for 5 months now, and we’ll use this opportunity to have special welcome home!

Thanks again.  You are both a blessing.  Please come back and see us when you can make it back to North Carolina.
Perhaps I can stop in and see you --------- make sure you keep us up to date with your latest address.  Shelbi in our office designed a new Hey Clinic T-Shirt, and I’ll get her to send you a couple when we get our next shipment in.

Take care and thanks again.

Dr. Lloyd Hey
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery

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