Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This am surgery

No time to write much now. Gotta get to clinic!

Putting this up so Drew's friends and family back in Tennessee will
know everything went well w his scoliosis surgery this am. His parents
asked me to post right away.

Dr. Lloyd Hey
Hey Clinic

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reedie said...

Dear Dr Hey,
Thank you so much for your wonderful knowledge & God driven expertise! You were able to do what everyone else said could not be done-medical professionals,that is. You have taken a "broken" child & his family & mended them & their broken hearts! We will be forever indebted to you! You & your staff are so caring & compassionate-we have been truly BLESSED. We will forever sing your praises in Knoxville & Nashville! We love you Dr Hey and have thanked GOD for his wonderful works through YOU. Sincerely,Reedie,David,Drew,Tessa,Kiley,Kay,& Family.