Tuesday, October 26, 2010

L45 spondylolistheis and lumbar spinal stenosis fixed this am

Had severe back and leg pain.
Fixed w L45 decompression and Fusion w TLIF.
No complications.
Very athletic former marine should be back to better quality of life shortly.
Home from Duke Raleigh hospital tomorrow.

Did 2 big scoliosis surgeries yesterday: T10-iliac wing extension decompression and fusion for a gentleman w progressive thoracic myelopathy. Second patient was young lady in 40's w progressive very painful Thoracolumbar scoliosis fixed w T5-Iliac wing instrumentation and fusion w TLIF. Her surgery was 4 hours. First surgery yesterday was 5 hours w tough 7 level lamimectomy, including complex revision laminectomy through old noninstrumented fusion. Whew. Long day. Got home about 9:30 pm. Both of those patients are doing well this am w woman who had scoliosis telling mr her severe leg pain she used to have all night was gone! Her husband, a surgeon, stayed w her in private room last night.

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