Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This morning's scoliosis surgery

54 YO man w collapsing 32 degree lumbar scoliosis with disc herniations and severe stenosis.

Did well this am w T11-iliac wing instrumentation and fusion w TLIF at L23 and L5S1. Very good correction.

Ebl 900.
Cell saver: 360
Blood transfused: none.
Surgical time: 4 hours and a few minutes.

Room aura: very good. Dan updated us on Daytona and his new tattoo that he designed himself -- about time melting away! Got to make the most of it!

Yesterday I saw a gentleman from Michigan w 80 degree kyphosis for surgery tomorrow, followed by a 9 month old w a newly diagnoses early onset scoliosis (juvenile scoliosis) measuring 30 degrees. Yesterdays surgery was very complex T1-iliac wing extension instrumentation and fusion or severe kyphosis with fracture. She is doing well today.

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