Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hey Clinic Early Onset Scoliosis T-Shirt Time. Serving patients and physicians in eastern North Carolina.

Got this nice email and picture yesterday from Maggie’s mom, our most recent early onset scoliosis (EOS) reconstruction using Shilla technique. Maggie’s family got together with Janelle’s family on Friday, and got this nice picture of both girls in their Hey Clinic T-Shirts. Both families gave their permission to share this photo and brief email with all of you!

I am on vacation this week, which is great. I am also visiting some patients and clinics in eastern North Carolina yesterday and today as well. Met with Dr. Jamie Crosswell, a family practitioner in Beaufort, NC and got him a scoliometer and some diagnosis and screening tips for scoliosis and kyphosis. Increasing awareness for the importance of scoliosis screening and follow-up across the full age spectrum can result in earlier detection and better confirmation of possible curve progression by allowing for accurate measurements over time. This can also result in earlier interventions which may be less or non-invasive.

Dr. Crosswell has generously offered to have me use some of his clinic space to see some of our patients from Eastern North Carolina, where Hey Clinic has developed many relationships with patients and physicians, chiropracters, and physical therapists. I was impressed with Dr. Crosswell and his staff --- he’s compassionate, and always eager to serve better. His staff are well organized, and his clinic is clean and comfortable, right on Route 70 in downtown Beaufort.

I’ve been seeing patients from eastern North Carolina since my early days working at Duke when I had a clinic in Smithfield NC in Dr. Bylciw’s office.

This morning I am heading up to visit a patient in New Bern, NC and then will likely take the rest of the day off and go out to Cape Lookout National Seashore with the family.

Here’s Maggie’s Mom email that accompanied the cute picture of Janelle and Maggie!

Dr. Lloyd Hey
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery

Hi Dr. Hey! Our family had the blessing of spending some time with Maggie's family at their home Friday night!!
Katrina and I took this precious picture of the girls in their Hey t-shirts. We wanted to share the joy with you!!


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