Monday, January 30, 2012

13 yo double curve scoliosis fixed.this morning. Adolescent idiopathic double curve 71 and 59 degrees.

Surgical time 2 hr 40 min
Ebl: 350 cc.
Blood transfused: none.
Complications: none.
Surgical Team:
Circulating Nurse Extraordinaire: Nurse Kelly
PA Assist: Rachel Robinson, PAC,
Scrub Techs: Sandra and Motorcycle Dan "Scrubs"
Cell Saver: Carolyn
Anesthesia: Dr. Atasoy.

Tunes: Sandra's choice -- Pandora with Nicole C. Mullen Radio. Afternoon choice was Dan's, which was 80's Rock and Roll.

When we showed mom and dad the X-Ray (see above), after surgery with her corrected spine, they both said "WOW!!!" out loud! That's always awesome to see the parents reaction.

Physical therapy student Jessica Pincus was our student observer for the day and had a blast with us. She was definitely fully engaged in the surgery and asked lots of good questions. She will actually be helping to take care of these adolescent patients tomorrow, with a much deeper understanding of what the treatment is all about. This picture was taken right after surgery when the incision was closed and sterile dressing applied, ready to turn.

In between surgeries, I saw two consults, one of which was a 74 yo woman who suffered with a progressive deforming thoracolumbar scoliosis for years and years. Now she has a 70 degree curve, and a spondylolisthesis and severe spinal stenosis..... She said she developed scoliosis in the "dark ages" 60+ years ago, which is why she was never screened or treated. There is still hope for this patient, but it sure is easier and safer and better to fix when you are younger. What a contrast from my morning and afternoon surgery today.

This afternoon we fixed a 12 yo with similar double curve. Her EBL was 500 cc, and received no blood transfusions. Surgical time 2 hr 45 minutes.

Both of these young ladies went to our Duke Raleigh Hospital orthopedic floor to private adjoining rooms, where there are large rooms with pullout bed for mom or dad to sleep, and another large foldout recliner if both parents want to stay! ICU is rarely if ever necessary postop. Both will be up and walking around tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning I see a second opinion for kyphosis surgery in an adolescent patient before going off to surgery.

Time to get some rest.

Dr. Lloyd Hey

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