Thursday, March 15, 2012

39 yo woman w painful progressive scoliosis fixed today

Just got back from week away doing remote clinic in Jupiter Florida, and travelling also to New York and Oneonta NY.

This young lady's mom had severe scoliosis fixed years ago as a young adult.

As a result, she was so scared of getting scoliosis that she actually hid in the girl's room during scoliosis screenings in school! 

Well, progressive pain and noticeable deformity eventually brought her in for evaluation. We still had to work through her fears.

Her surgery went great today.
Ebl 300 cc. No transfusion.
Very nice correction.

Things have improved a lot since her mom had scoliosis surgery many years ago at Durham Regional.

Despite fears, all adults w scoliosis should be followed routinely through adulthood!

Dr. Lloyd Hey --

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