Monday, October 15, 2012

Hey Clinic, Outside Clinic In the Garden!!

One of the greatest joys of elementary school is that rare time when your teacher allowed your class to go outside for class.

At Hey Clinic, we have Duke Raleigh Hospital on our South side,  and a BEAUTIFUL GARDEN on our our north side.  My conference room where I usually meet with new guests overlooks this beautiful garden, including a white gazebo and small waterfall and rose garden.  At many times I've gazed out that window and joked that it would be great to go outside and finish clinic in the garden --- just like elementary school outside!!

Well, last Thursday that dream came true.  It was late afternoon, and I was in the middle of a consultation with a 22 yo young lady with progressive scoliosis from South Carolina and her parents.  We began to smell some smoke, and actually had to evacuate due to a malfunctioning air handler just above our clinic!  The fire alarms started to go off!!!  Everybody in the building scampered outside.

The next thing you know, we're standing outside our clinic building wondering what to do next.  It was clear the smoke was going to take a while to clear.  "Aha!  It is time for Clinic Outside!!!"  Our nurse practitioner Brittaney and physician assistant Leslie are seen with me here with our visiting family from South Carolina.

The next thing you know, it was picture day, with my PA Leslie and Tracy joining in on the family pictures with scoliosis friends and family!

Man, it's too bad we can't do surgery outside!

My last three families headed in through the garden entrance, and hung out on the wooden benches with plants all around, with bright sunshine and blue sky above!  

As I was finishing up my consultation with the 22 yo young lady, I realized that my next patient, sitting on the bench across from us was a 24 yo patient who was about 6 months out from her scoliosis surgery.  In an effort to try to preserve confidentiality, I asked if each of these young ladies separately if they would be willing to talk to each other.  They both joyously agreed to meet and share, HIPAA aware!

The next thing you know, these two young ladies, and their parents -- one family from North Carolina and another from South Carolina -- were all sharing together out in the garden!  New friends were made.

My last patient of the day was one of my younger very early adolescent scoliosis patients -- just out of elementary school.  She was very psyched about our outside clinic.

Lots of sunshine and smiles at Hey Clinic.
I was definitely smiling as I left the gardens that day.  Dream come true.

Dr. Lloyd Hey
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
Raleigh, NC USA

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