Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hannah smiling after revision scoliosis surgery

I rounded at Duke Raleigh Hospital around 7 am this Sunday morning on our four inpatients up on the Orthopaedic Floor, including Hannah, who is the 23 yo featured in the short video posted yesterday.

Hannah stood up and was thrilled with her new posture after I performed revision deformity surgery for her.  She had scoliosis surgery back when she was 13 done at a Shriner's Hospital.  She had difficulty with pain, and just under a year ago, her spinal hardware was removed to try to help her with the pain.  However, instead of the hardware removal helping, she actually got a lot worse, and her curves progressed over this year significantly.

On Monday this week, I performed a complex revision deformity surgery with 3D Brainlab Navigation, and multiple spinal osteotomies, and used segmental instrumentation with pedicle screws and 2 cobalt chrome rods.  Hannah says that her back already feels significantly better, in that the deep pain she used to have is gone, and now she has a less significant surgical incisional pain which is being well controlled.  She also notices that her humps are significantly smaller, which even makes it more comfortable for her to lie down and stand up.  She also has gotten her "hour glass" posture back.

In the photo below, her mom took a picture of me showing Hannah her new X-Ray.  You can tell that she is smiling, even though you are looking over her shoulder.  She told me that the new correction is actually even better than the original one done 10 years ago.   Her mom is smiling too.  They have both been very happy with the nursing and physical and occupational therapy care at Duke Raleigh Hospital as well.

Hannah and her mom checked out Sarah's mini video and really liked it as well...

Get well soon Hannah!

Dr. Lloyd Hey
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery

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