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Marie, with progressive kyphosis after T12 fracture 10 months ago, shares her story now after surgery October 2012 w/ us.

My Back Story
By: Marie
My story begins on August 17, 2011 at about 2:00a.m. when I fell down our
basement steps. We believe I was sleep walking and fell down the steps in the
dark and my husband heard me and found me at the bottom of the steps with
a broken bone sticking out of my wrist. After securing my back, neck and arm,
the paramedics transported me to Wake Med Hospital. I do not remember much
about the ER visit, but I was admitted and had to have surgery on my wrist. I
was seen and treated by a doctor from Wake Orthopedics and the surgery on my
wrist was a success. It healed quickly and I have no problems with it.

When I went for my first follow-up visit with the doctor treating my wrist, I told him
about pain I was having in my back. This was in September 2011. He said they
did x-rays in the ER and they found no structural damage and to give it time. At
my second follow-up visit, I complained more about my back, but maybe I had
a sprained or strained back and they suggested P/T at Wake Orthopedics. I
started P/T mid-September and continued through the end of November. At my
last P/T visit, the therapist was putting more intense pressure on my back and
did something that caused immediate intense pain. She immediately quit and
suggested that I see Wake Orthopedics’ back specialist. She felt something
might be going on other than just a strain or sprain.

I saw the back specialist in December and he again said no structural damage
on my x-rays but suggested an MRI. I told him the pain was getting worse
and I felt my lower back was curved. I was told they would call when they had
results. I had MRI on December 23, 2011. After the holidays came and went
and had hearing anything, I called Wake Orthopedics on or about January 4,
2012. I was told that the doctor did not release information over the phone and
because he was out of the country and would be backed up when he returned
I would have to wait a month to see him to get the results. I was in terrible pain
every day and laying in the bed on a heating pad more than I was able to be up.
When I was up, the pain was almost unbearable. I could not get any relief. My
husband called the office back and said we needed results of MRI or suggestions
as to what to do about my pain. He was told that it was against policy to give
information over the phone but they would get in touch with Dr. and call us back.
The nurse called back and said he was upset that we demanded results over the
phone but that he saw no problems on the MRI. I was devastated. I was in so
much pain and no one could tell me why. I was beginning to think it was in my
head. Needless to say I became depressed and decided I had to live with the
pain. After about another month my husband talked to our medical doctor and he
suggested The Hey Clinic. He spoke very highly of Dr. Hey.

I went to The Hey Clinic on April 16th, 2012 and my first appointment was with
Brittany. I explained the back pain that had gotten increasingly worse since the
fall. I had also started having left hip and leg pain that radiated down my leg to
my foot. They did x-rays and immediately told me I had an anterior compression
fracture at T-12. Brittany said there were a few things she wanted to try. I was
willing to do anything at this point. I was given Celebrex, Prednisone Dose Pack
and Flexeril. I was fitted with a back brace. I was to return July 5.

The meds helped the pain a little but not enough to really make a difference
in my day to day routine. Brittaney ordered an MRI and scheduled a surgery
consult with Dr Hey on August 15th.

Dr. Hey suggested surgery for several reasons. Everything else we had tried
had not worked, my quality of life was unacceptable and the surgery would
greatly help my pain. Dr. Hey said I had the fracture at T-12, with a bone
fragment. I also had a significant curve in my spine. After meeting and talking
with Dr. Hey, I was convinced surgery was the way to go. After talking with my
medical doctor and at his suggesting getting a second opinion and trying some
pain clinic injections, I scheduled the surgery for October 16th. Dr. Hey was
wonderful. The morning of surgery he was very reassuring, very compassionate
and offered a prayer before I went into the OR. I was very relaxed and sure I
was in great hands. My husband and mother were equally assured that I was
going to be fine.

The first couple of weeks were a little rough. I have about a 10 to 12 inch
incision in my back. Dr. Hey said my back was a mess. (I will let Dr Hey insert
particulars because he did a lot of things to my back.) I can say that my back is
completely straight and the pain I was having before the surgery is gone. I am
3 ½ months out of surgery and I feel that I am doing great. I am still recovering
and there is still some pain from surgery but it is tolerable. I am functioning much
better than before the surgery. Dr. Hey said to allow a full year to reach my full
potential and I am expecting to be pain free soon.

The only regret I have is that I didn’t meet Dr Hey in August 2011. Dr. Hey and
his entire staff have been wonderful. I have called many times with questions
and concerns and they have been so helpful and caring. Every time I visit the
office it is a wonderful experience.

Thank you Dr. Hey. Because of you I have a life again and I know when I am
completely healed I will be pain free.

Dr. Lloyd Hey -- Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery -

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