Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some good feedback on latest videos, and a couple new videos today

I got a couple of nice responses regarding the 5 video interviews posted from Friday's clinic, and a couple of emails back from the families who participated

Good evening Dr. Hey,

The video testimonies you posted certainly and greatly provide a wide range of circumstances and age group of people who travelled similar journeys toward a healthy straight spine made possible by your God given gift of healing. My son Charlie gave your blog of videos two thumbs up!

I am going to post your blog with these videos in my 3 homeschooling groups.

Thank you,


I then got this note from Rachel's Mom, with an attached video.....

Dr. Hey,
This is a hip hop dance that Rachel learned on Saturday 8-17-13. It's her least favorite type dance but it just happen to be the choreography they learned this weekend so I thought I would share. She's in the pink tank top and black dance shorts. You have to follow her in the mirror to see some of it. She's a great dancer and I have to say this is probably the worst she's danced in a long time but I was more proud of her than ever!!
Thank you

Thanks for sharing guys.  I also posted some new video of today's surgery discussion and some interesting lessons from clinic yesterday.  Here are those videos.

Discussion of Patient concerned about Metal Allergy, and alternative treatments for scoliosis -- including extensive bracing and physical therapy.

Here's a good discussion I had with family regarding when to schedule their daughter's surgery

Here I am in the operating room going over today's surgery --- 60+ degree thoracolumbar collapsing curve, former adolescent scoliosis, now in 57 yo patient suffering badly with back and leg pain, trouble walking.

Here are Pam's X-Rays today right after I completed surgery, showing very good correction of her deformity, and very good balance.  We used our new Truss Technique for supporting the lumbar-sacral junction was used to help minimize stresses and decrease risk of hardware fracture at this high load junction.  Pam's curve progression from adolescence through adulthood, with declining quality of life and increasing pain is one reason why we encourage adolescent curves to be corrected at a younger age.  This allows us to get a better correction with a less invasive surgery, while allowing the person to enjoy many more years of better posture.

Spent some time this evening talking to a mom of a 16 yo boy who has a Grade IV spondylolisthesis with severe flat back syndrome and pain after surgery performed a year or two ago elsewhere.  These are tough problems.  More on that later. 
Great day.  Time for bed.  We have a complex anterior/posterior flat back syndrome surgery tomorrow for a lady who had fusion done elsewhere years ago, now with severe trouble standing and walking.

Dr. Lloyd Hey
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery

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