Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Haley Scott DeMaria's Recovery Story -- my book gift from her after Madeline's Surgery!

Thanks for writing! I have your book next to my reading chair at home, and look forward to reading it.

I had major accident as a teenager as well, which definitely had big affect on path of my life -- something God has used for a greater good to serve others, better understanding the suffering and potential healing patients and families go through.   (Romans 8:28)
I will post your email on my blog, and direct our readers there as well.

Good to meet you and give our best to Madeline and family.

I will look forward to start reading your book this coming weekend when things slow down a bit!

Thanks for this nice gift.  Will take a look at your blog as well.

Dr. Hey

Hi Dr. Hey,

My name is Haley DeMaria. I am a friend of Nancy Wujek's - and we met the day Madeline had her surgery. I was with Nancy and Brett in Madeline's room.

Nancy shared with me both blogs you wrote about Madeline and her family. I thought I would share mine with you. I was with the Wujeks that day for many reasons - one of them being that I have had six back operations of my own, and Nancy was with me through all of them. 

About five years ago I wrote a book about my experience. Nancy has a copy for you. I think you will find it fascinating. I also know, for Madeline, it was helpful for her to read some of the physical details - as well as the emotional details of what I went through.

I am so grateful for your talents and the gift you gave Madeline and her family. I love them as my own - and I know what a blessing it is to have a straight spine! I still keep in touch with my back surgeon - 21 years later - because I am so grateful for the difference he made in my life.

My very best to you,
Haley DeMaria

Haley Scott DeMaria
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