Sunday, August 26, 2007

9 hour trip to take child to college after flatback surgery

Thank you for sharing this good news!
Will share this on our new blog.
Peggy had anterior/posterior extension instrumentation and fusion a few months ago for flatback syndrome below previous Harrington Rod instrumentation and fusion.
Dr. Hey

On 8/24/07 7:58 PM, "Peggy > wrote:

I was able to drive 9 hours yesterday with no problems.  I stopped every 2 hours or so to use the restroom and stretch a little.  I said goodbye to my youngest daughter and hello to the oldest this afternoon.  I was able to climb up and down to the 3rd floor with her to help her get things into her dorm room.  I was also able to walk across campus to the gymnasium to go to registration with her.  That process took 2 hours - I was standing the whole time and never had pain!  I'm sure my legs will feel it tomorrow from the steps but everything else has been fine.  It is amazing what this surgery has done for me!  When I was here in April I couldn't walk and stand like I did today!


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