Monday, September 22, 2008

Fwd: Emily 12 yo Adolescent Scoliosis Email and Pictures. Are you Stiff after Scoliosis Surgery?

From: Nick
Date: September 21, 2008 10:41:16 PM EDT
To: Dr. Hey
Subject: Emily's Email and Pictures

Hello Dr. Hey:
We got your message Friday evening and our family email address is >>>>>

After we met Friday, I had my first Softball tournament since the weekend before my surgery. We did really well. We finished 2nd and lost the final game 5-4. I played every inning of all 9 games except for 2 innings in the first game. The first 2 games of every tournament are pool games and teams try to play everyone on their roster. I do not have the complet numbers for the tournament, but I batted .475 and played first base thru the whole tournament. In the Semi-final game, we were down 4-3 in the final inning and I hit the game tying RBI and scored the game winning run. My dad told me I was a little rusty, since my average last year was .504. I anchored 4 double plays and only had 2 errors in the field. My back feels great. I have had no tightness this weekend. My parents were concerned that with the 3 month layoff, I would be stiff, but I feel just like I did before my surgery.
All of my friends are amazed at how well I am doing. They were very happy to hear the good news I got Friday.
Also, another patient of yours, Bob ______, was at the tournament. We were playing his daughter, Amber, in the Championship game. Mr. L_____ has been very concerned sine my diagnosis and surgery. He could not get over the fact that I was playing and how limber and quick I was.
There is one draw back from the Surgery, because I am 2 inches taller, my "Strike Zone" is bigger. So Umpires are calling more "low strikes" on me. HaHa.
Thank you for all of your help in getting me better. I am sending a couple of pictures from the game.

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