Saturday, September 5, 2009

Two Stories of True Love shared at Hey Clinic.

A couple of days ago, I happened to pop into one of the exam rooms at Hey Clinic to just say “Hello” to one of our recent complex kyphosciliosis revision surgery patients, and his son.  The patient is in his 70’s, and unfortunately has had declining kidney function over past few years to the point where he is near the need for dialysis.
The son, Ken, a very successful business owner, has always been so attentive to his dad. Ken started me questions about blood types, and how they get passed along to the children.  At first, I didn’t know why he was asking.

Then he told me:  He is planning to donate one of his own kidneys for his dad, so he will not need to go on dialysis.
The dad started to shed a tear.  I started to shed a tear.

As I came out of the exam room, Meredith and Shelbi at the front desk shared with me how one of the older ladies came up to the desk, and told her how much she missed her husband, who had passed away last year after over 51 years of marriage.  She shared her story on how they met, and had a wonderful life, but now her home is too quiet, and she misses him greatly.  Shelbi and Meredith shared a compassionate ear with this woman, but also were so thankful that she shared some of the joys from her long marriage with the 2 of them.

True Love.  Wow.  Powerful.

Dr. Lloyd Hey

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