Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pat's adult scoliosis and "heart" story, sent up from southern Florida

From: Pat
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 17:46:49 -0500
To: Dr. Hey
Subject: my story - hope you get it!

November 2009

Dear Dr. Hey and staff,

It has taken me quite a while to be able to sit down and write my feelings about the miracle that has taken place in my life. The miracle, of course, is the back surgery that you were able to perform on my 56 year old back.

As long as I can remember I had always known that I had scoliosis. But I always had known it was something I should not discuss or complain about. And so I never once said one word about it to my family and if someone ever brought it up it was immediately dismissed. It was a sort of secret.

I suppose the thought of surgery was just too much to bare for my parents. Back in the days when I was diagnosed, the surgery was relatively new and I would have to be in a body caste for a year. And so, my life went on ignoring the issue. Unfortunately, it trained me well to deny and ignore many things in my life as I am now discovering. Although, I have been very happy in my adult years, marriage and a successful career, there was something always nagging at me. My confidence and self esteem were always a struggle but I managed to overcome those and other obstacles despite my inadequacies.

And then, I discovered that my faith in God was also inadequate. I began going back to my church and reading the bible. I began to feel stronger and more confident. And then one day I said to myself, “I am going to confront my fears and get to the core of my problems.”  which I knew was my back. As I was aging I was noticing my body changing, my clothes were fitting strangely and I was thinking that my ribs were closing in on my pelvis. I was beginning to get scared. I mustered up the courage and opened discussions about all of this with my husband and we began researching scoliosis and researching our options. We started with our primary doctor who referred us to a doctor at a major teaching hospital. Our visit with him was quite discouraging and we walked away realizing he did not want to do surgery on me. He suggested physical therapy. Then we went to another well known hospital and we basically got the same diagnosis. By now, we were discouraged and more frightened for my future having learned a lot more about the complications that could happen later on in life.

One day I was on the internet and I came across your website and read about your story. I realized then that God had guided me to your site and a peace had come over me. I was finally on the right track! I gathered up my MRI and x-rays and filled out the forms and before I knew it, we were talking on the phone discussing my situation. At that point I felt HOPE, something that was foreign to me. God was guiding me along and I was going for the ride. I really didn’t have much apprehension, because I knew it in my heart it was right.

Even though the surgeries were tough and the recovery tougher, I am emotionally stronger, taller and happier than ever.

How can I thank you for what you have done for, not only, me but for my whole family? Because of this surgery we have all become closer and more honest with each other. The truth does set one free. The whole dynamics of our family has changed and it is all because of your ability to help people like me.

I only hope that I was able to express my gratitude in a way that tells how I feel. I thank God every day that I had this chance to renew my life.

And so, this is my story, my testimony, my personal miracle.

God bless you,


Pat -
Life is definitely a journey.  
Facing and working through challenges can be the catalyst for not just physical, emotional, career, and/or relationship changes, but  transformations of heart.
Thanks for sharing your heart with us at Hey Clinic, and with our many blog readers with your permission.

You have encouraged all of us.

Lloyd A. Hey MD MS
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
Raleigh, NC USA

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