Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another update from one of my longer-term mentorees

Several years ago when I was on faculty at "Big Duke" in orthopaedics and
spine surgery, I also ran a clinical research and innovation lab called the
"Center for Clinical Effectiveness."
Ronnie joined my lab as a college grad with desire to go to medical school.
He had faced many trials during college which definitely set him back, and
made med school application a real long shot. Dr. Jim Urbaniak had known
Ronnie from his excellent service at a local country club, and had sent
Ronnie to me to see if I could help him work toward medical school.

With perseverance and a lot of hard work over a few years, Ronnie was
successful helping perform outcomes research, and also was able to prove his
academic abilities with advanced college and grad school classes. Ronnie
then was able to get into medical school, but I hadn't heard anything for
past few years since then.

Recently I took care of the husband of the residency director for Ronnie's
residency program, who told me that Ronnie was one of their finest residents
of all time!

Ronnie then got in touch with me, and even came by my clinic for a few
minutes right before clinic.

It was great to see him, and to hear how he's been finishing final
preparations to go out and serve as a physician.

Ronnie: I am so proud of you, and look forward to seeing you for coffee

On 1/4/10 8:21 PM, "Ronnie" <> wrote:

> Hello Dr. Hey!
> It was great seeing you in early December. I thought I would wait
> until after the holidays and new year to write you. I would love to
> catch up some time, our schedules permitting. I am halfway through my
> residency in Family Medicine at UNC Chapel Hill, and loving it. I
> could not have chosen a better fit for me, professionally or
> personally, except Orthopaedics! =) Anyway, this is my personal e-
> mail. Let me know if you might have some time to catch up, even if it
> is merely through technological means (e-mail, text, Facebook; the
> world gets smaller everyday). I hope all is well with you. As always,
> I thank you for your excellent tutelage and believing in me and
> helping me to achieve my dream. My work with you was monumental in
> helping me grow professionally and personally. I look forward to
> speaking with you soon.
> Humbly,

------ End of Forwarded Message

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