Friday, March 19, 2010

Thanks for Many Kindnesses from Gail, who had flat back syndrome fixed at Hey Clinic

We had a really great clinic today, seeing a many of our guests back for follow-up, all over the age spectrum.
It was great to see Gail, who is about 3 months out from her anterior/posterior flat back reconstruction.
Gail had emailed me back in December with her story to thank the staff and give her an update for her progress at that point, but that work of thanks never quite made it to our blog world! Here it is now, with Gail’s permission.
Great to see you today Gail!
Have a great spring.

Dr. Lloyd Hey
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery.

Subject: Thanks for your many kindnesses

Dear Dr. Hey, Hey Clinic staff, and Raleigh Duke Hospital,

Since it’s a bout midway in my first eight weeks of recovery I wanted to let you know that my recovery is proceeding exceptionally well..My initial contact with you was a request for a second opinion. Having had a previous surgery at “Big Duke” , I wanted to determine if the treatment for my flat back was still surgery, what kind of surgery, and what would likely be the outcome. In addition to responding to your comprehensive form I independently wrote a detailed chronology of my long standing lumbar naturopathies .

My problems had been further exacerbated by our relocation from NY to AZ , and finally NC over the past 7 years as my severely degenerated lumbar spine continued to deteriorate. I had endured numerous conservative therapies from strength/conditioning, steroids, both oral and injected, nerve blocks, high radiofrequency ablations, electrical stim, and of course, oral medications for inflammation, spasm control, and pain. I shared that both previous surgeries had improved the quality of my life as it was, but there was so more to do, and in a downward spiraling environment . I didn’t want to hold anything back giving you the opportunity to tell me my expectations for further improvement were unrealistic. The odds given my age, fitness level, and opoid tolerance would make me a poor surgical candidate.

As it happened you felt I was a good risk and we proceeded with the surgery on November ll. I had very positive experiences at my visits to the Clinic and at the Raleigh Duke Hospital. I want to sincerely thank you, Dr. Hey, Jennifer, and Dr Watters for your superior surgical skills. I also wish to thank Dr. Rieker from Pain Management for his efforts to manage my discomfort, the kindness of the physical and occupational therapists for their patience , and finally the many nurses whose caring and helpfulness made my stay productive and comfortable. Through all of your efforts I am now already enjoying a more pain free existence.

I would like to extend my sincere best wishes to you all for a wonderful holiday .

Warmest Regards,


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