Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank You from Louise's family for Duke Raleigh Hospital and Hey Clinic

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From: Pam
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 11:11:22 -0700 (PDT)
To: Lloyd Hey
Subject: Louise B and Family

Just a little Note
by Pam
Dr Hey Clinic Duke/ Raleigh the Staff and All of the Wonderful people their. What an Amazing experience if you ever have to be in a predicument like my mom(Louise) Dr Hey has performed several surgeries on her to reconstruct her back & has done such a Phenomenal job!
We had an opt.9-27-10 to have Moms rods cut down because of the settleling of her body, but there was an emergency on 9-14-10 where Moms rods came through her skin, as we all thought it would. I Called Dr Hey's office spoke w/ Shelbie & right away she wants us to get their as quickly & as safe as possible. Got their at 3:00 & was seated in the Registration room (very nice) where staff members from her post-opp (Ruthie) were coming down to wish her luck with hugs. Never seen a Hospital like this before in my LIFE! she was in OR 5:30 & was being worked on by Dr. Hey & Brittney & his other WONDERFUL TEAM members (Maureen,Lisa, Paula & 2 wonderful Anethesiologist Dr.treadwell(pretty hands,& who can 4 get Mr. Handsome (Robbie). Mom was in a room by 9:30 that evening , just enough time for me to Thank the Lord for what a Great! job he had done & to get something to eat. LIKE CLOCK-WORK these people are AMAZING!!! Mom got to leave next day,,we're not talking about waiting around for hrs to here from so many people, paper work & all other impersonals that make you stressed out like other hospitals or for experiences I have had in the past.We were told she could go home, Dr. checked her out I went got the car & home within the hour. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate ALL the staff Nurses((Peggy Mary Ann & the Nurses Asst (Pasha & Doris) @The Hey Clinic & Duke/ Raleigh hospital & the Volunteers (Ray) who also make it Very comfortable for us...Everytime we visit it's like visiting family not like going to a regular doctors visit.
I want to Thank you for taking such Great Care of my Mother & My Family.

Kind Regards,

The Family of Louise B

Please pass this note along to ALL!

Pam Dixon

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