Monday, July 18, 2011

14 Yo young man with Thoracolumbar scoliosis and 2 inch apparent leg length discrepancy fixed today

Got back from Wyoming last night. Awesome trip. Everyone al LE should Hime the Grand Tetons! Close to heaven.

This morning I met w evan and his parents in PReop. Dad asked how often I round (twice a day) and what I actually do on rounds with my PA's: check motor ab sensory exam, incision, pain level, physical And occupational therapy progress, vital signs and labs.

He also told me that his while Sunday school class was praying for me and our whole surgical team. This reminded and humbled me as I left the PReop room that I am just a small part of a caring network that stretches far and wide.

Evan's surgery went great.
PReop, he was really "caddy-wompus" with a HUGE apparent leg length discrepancy o one to two inches. I measured his legs, and they were actually equal. the pelvis was jus compensating for this huge curve.

Evan is growing like a weed, with wide open growth plates. His curve has progressed 21 degrees in just one year to 43 degrees and he has a ton o growth remaining.

Since we caught It early, his curve was more flexible. We got an awesome correction, and was able to keep fusion Shorter, down to L3 as opposed to L4 by working hard do derotate that lumbar segment, and osteotomizing the lower segments to free them up for better correction. This is great news for Evan, since he will have 3 movable discs at bottom as opposed to 2.

Great to be back to the Hey Clinic and Duke Raleigh Hospital team.

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