Thursday, July 28, 2011

Awesome sunset picking up ice cream.

Two bi scoli surgeries today which went real well. Second was actually kyphosis and thoracic fracture case w compression of spinal cord. Went well and family very thankful. He was bent way over an could barely walk.

After seeing Mia Postop w her mom, our 13 Yo scoliosis surgery from this morning, I headed home, had nice dinner and then went out to pick up ice cream.

The North Carolina sunset sky is an amazon pink. Driving through the countryside is magical at this hour --- out to Maple View Farms, which is dairy farm that serves awesome ice cream. Great place to go after a long day in operating room 12 --- from focusing on an area about 3 inches in diameter face down for 8 hrs (2 surgeries) to head up looking at a huge blue and pink sky ----- what a joy!

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