Thursday, September 8, 2011

8 yo Olvia, now 6 week postop from Early Onset Scoliosis (EOS) surgery seen today with her letter!

I just saw 8 yo Olivia and her mom in clinic.  I completed her scoliosis surgery at WakeMed Raleigh 6 weeks ago, which is found on the blog.  As usual, she greeted me with a huge smile, jumped down off exam table and handed me a personal letter.  She just learned how to write a letter in school, including the parts of letter and proper formatting.

She’s doing just great.  She loves her new posture and she’s an inch taller.  She’s going back to full gym class.

Olivia wanted me to write her a reply letter, and she helped go over the proper formatting for me as well, including what goes in the upper right corner, greeting, body, closure and signature.  Very helpful.  We discussed whether she wanted it hand written or typed, since I have bad doctor handwriting.  She said that she did NOT want me to do cursive, which was fine with me, and that I could hand write it but just try to be neat.  I wrote my reply before going into the next patient exam room, and we’ve already got it in the mailbox for her.

She definitely gave us all a big smile at Hey Clinic today!

Dr. Lloyd Hey
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery

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