Tuesday, February 21, 2012

38 yo w pars fracture (spondylolysis) and spondylolisthesis fixed this am. Early morning 3rd opinion for adolescent w possible pars fracture

Had severe back and leg pain and numbness.

Fixed w Gill procedure laminectomy and L5-iliac wing instrumentation and fusion.

Ebl 200 cc

Surgical time 2 hr.

Complications: none.

This morning saw 15 yo cheer leader and her mom for third opinion.(following Duke second opinion) for low back pain and possible pars fracture. First surgeon from Raleigh recommended surgery for pars fracture.

It is not clear on her imaging or exam that she has a pars fracture, so they decided to take my advice and use our special lumbar brace, see our recommended physical therapist / trainer, abd take. Nsaid x 1 mo.

Sure beats surgery!

Mom and patient were psyched.

SPECT bone scan would be next step if pain is severe and unrelenting -- very sensitive study for fractures.

Dr. Lloyd Hey -- http://www.heyclinic.com

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