Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Secret Compassion witnessed at Hey Clinic

The great thing about true compassion is that true compassion happens behind the scenes --- not looking for recognition or "credit".

Today I just happened to catch one of these secret compassionate moments. When I was between surgeries today, I saw my nurse practitioner come out of an examination room, and go to her desk and pick up a small vase with her Valentine flowers from her fiance'. She then walked back into the exam room.

I later found out that this particular patient was really having a hard time, not just with her spine, but life in general.

Brittaney gave her the flower and vase, and shared a little love and encouragement with a fellow human being who was hurting. She also helped connect this person to the psychological services she needed for a next step.

Strong work Brittaney. You went the extra loving mile.

Thanks also for doing such a nice job on the presentation Monday night.

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