Saturday, April 6, 2013

A thank you note for a changed life after 30 years of wanting to have scoliosis fixed.

It's early Saturday morning, and I am sitting at Dulles Airport awaiting a connecting flight as the sun rises, and I get a chance to sit down after a busy couple weeks doing scoliosis surgery four days a week, and also seeing many postop patients and consults.  Yesterday I got a chance to see many smiling families back for follow-up, including many hitting their one year postop "graduation."

Yesterday was NOT a good day to be more disciplined on my low carb diet --- we had two scoliosis families bring us in some delicious sweet treats  --- Lisa and Bob brought in a huge cake with "THANK YOU" on top.  Julia brought in two huge plates of homemade oatmeal-apricot cookies which were out of this world.

Julia (now in her younger 50's) also wrote us a beautiful thank you note which I will take a minute to share below.  We talk a lot at Hey Clinic of seeking to help scoliosis and kyphosis patients of all ages to get help in:
1. Improving/maintaining quality of life (pain, activities of daily living)
2. Improving posture and appearance.
3. Improving and preventing curve progression.

In her letter, Julia explains from her perspective how her adolescent and adult scoliosis surgical treatment helped her in each of these areas.  Thanks for sharing, Julia.
Dr. Lloyd Hey -- Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
Dear Dr. Hey,

Thank you for changing my life!  

It is amazing how God works things out.  I have wanted surgery for my scoliosis for thirty years but had giving up on finding a surgeon.  Last summer when I fractured my spine, I decided one more time to find a surgeon.  Instead of using a phone book, I searched the internet.  You were the first surgeon I found.  I didn't even get a second opinion and just know that God was pointing me in the right direction.  From the first time I read your website, even before finding your blog, I have been at peace.

You did amazing work on my back, fusing my vertebrae from T1 to sacrum.  Every member on your team is to be commended.  This was my very first surgical experience and friends told me "Are you sure you want that big a surgery?"  and "Your recovery will be grueling and long."  I can tell you now that I have ZERO regrets.  

This week marks six months since my surgery and already I feel better than I have felt in TEN years.  I can move without fear of pinching nerves, I can sit and stand for hours with no discomfort.  I have a new and wonderful balance and can step over things and maneuver without physical strain or fear of tripping.  I can lay on my back comfortably for the first time in two decades.  My stamina has increased now that I am not battling the painful twisted and unstable spine anymore.  

I can go anywhere I want without worrying about where I will sit when I get there.  I will be able to get involved with church again because I can sit in any chair.  And going back to college has become an option too!  The most unexpected benefit, and I know this seems silly, but I now have a better figure.  I'm looking forward to clothes shopping for the first time Ever.

See, you really have dramatically changed my life.  I thank God for you and pray for you.  

May you and your entire team be blessed.

Thank you from my heart,

Julia M

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