Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nice email from a patient about their experience recently at Hey Clinic.

I am just about to start surgery on Marcus, a 28 yo young man with Down's Syndrome and severe painful scoliosis.  Just saw a second opinion for herniated disc L5S1 and recommended conservative therapy.  Our two spine surgery patients from yesterday are doing well, including the 30 yo woman who had very large adolescent scoliosis which progressed and became quite painful as an adult.  She was sitting up this morning eating yogurt smiling with her husband at bedside who slept in bed next to her!  She told me the nursing care at Duke Raleigh Hospital was "excellent."  Our other patient from yesterday could barely walk preop with spondylolisthesis lumbar with severe stenosis.  He is doing well this morning as well.  

Got this nice note forwarded to me from Tracy from a patient who saw us recently....
Hope you are all having a great day.
It will be a big day here today.

Dr. Lloyd Hey  Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery.   http://www.heyclinic.com. 

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From: "Richard
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2013 17:16:41 -0400
To: Tracy
Subject: List of Physicians

It’s odd to say “It was a pleasure…” when speaking about a meeting with a Spinal Surgeon, but that’s the best way to sum up our meetings this morning at the Hey Clinic. From the greeting when we arrived to meeting Dr. Hey in the hallway, to working with you, it was clear to me that the Hey Clinic is a happy place to be, and it is with this odd sense of happiness that I entrust my very own (and only one) spine to the care of the Hey Clinic.

I have a good feeling about the potential outcomes of this proposed surgery, and a lot of that optimism is due to the explanations that were provided, from when you took the x-Rays to the 3-D explanations, the detailed explanations provided by Dr. Hey and Brittaney Swift.  Thank you all!
I promised you a list of Physicians involved with the care and use of my body, and I have provided them as an attachment to this e-Mail. I’m certain you can find those who should be contacted prior to surgery, and those who will not have a need to be involved in the surgery at all.

Thank you for the care you provided today and kind regards,


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