Saturday, December 14, 2013

Can I become a body builder and lift heavy weights after adolescent or adult scoliosis surgery? What about Cross-Fit?

Is it better to continue to wait to have your scoliosis fixed if you are an extreme athlete with body building, weight lifting, cross-fit, etc?  Obviously there is no simple answer, but one thing is true:  it IS possible for many patients to return to a very active, athletic life after scoliosis surgery.

Jillian is a good example.  She is a DPT, or doctor of physical therapy who had an adolescent idiopathic scoliosis never treated as a teenager, except for possibly some bracing.  As a young adult, she definitely was affected by the scoliosis appearance and her posture, and even when it appeared that her curve was progressing up to 60+ degrees, she kept avoiding surgery because she was so active.  Then, however, she started to have more and more back pain, which is when I met her about 8 years ago.

After quite a few visits and much thought, and one canceled surgery due to "cold feet", she eventually had her scoliosis fixed here at Hey Clinic / Duke Raleigh Hospital about 8 years ago.  You can see that JILLIAN'S SCOLIOSIS SURGERY BLOG POST HERE.

Jillian has done great after surgery, and actually been the physical therapist for MANY of my scoliosis patients both here in Raleigh and also in Greensboro, NC.

She has become a phenomenal body builder and fitness guru, competing regularly.
She emailed me yesterday as her anniversary approaches for her surgery this January, showing her ability to lift heavy weights and do all sorts of aggressive physical activity which she loves.

Yes, you can be quite active, and look and feel good after scoliosis surgery -- even years later.

Keep going Jillian!!!

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