Saturday, December 7, 2013

"I've Got Your Back:" Cameron's Tweeted Adolescent Idiopathic Surgery Today. Live Surgery Video/Photo

We tried something new at Hey Clinic and Duke Raleigh Hospital today -- communicating with family during surgery via Tweets!!  Cameron's mom is a nurse working the operating room for many years, and her dad also has many year's experience working in hospitals and operating rooms as an orthopedic implant representative.

Cameron's surgery went super today, and my instrument rep, Dave, helped keep the family up to date throughout the surgery with my Tweets.  Nurse Kelly also gave our usual every 90 minute family update.  You can check out the progress we went through from 7 am until 12 pm today on my tweets at @drlloydhey on Twitter.

Here are some of the pictures we shared via Twitter.
Get well soon Cameron, and many thanks for our scoliosis surgery team who came in on Saturday to make this happen, including Nurse Kelly Hohman, Nurse Fran Nelson, and Scrub Tech Sandra Empke!!

Dr. Lloyd Hey -- Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spinal Surgery,

Appreciate my regular scoliosis surgery team 4 days a week at Duke Raleigh Hospital volunteer to come in this Saturday morning for Cameron and her family.  Thanks Team!  
You guys really have "my back" as well as our patient's and family's back!!

Preop photo showing her large right thoracic hump and shoulder obliquity.
This hump was gone by end of surgery today late morning.

 Preop and Intra-Op X-Rays showing good correction of her spinal deformity.

 I'm scrubbing up for surgery

Humps are gone.  Shoulders are leveled.!
Scar will look really good with our plastic surgery subcuticular careful technique.
No sutures or staples to be removed.

 Only 600 cc estimated blood loss (EBL), 350cc given back as cell saver, and no blood transfusions.

 Entire operating room psyched by the correction we were able to get.  Mom, dad, grandma, sister and others are also psyched when they see this film after surgery!!

 Cameron wakes up well, moving both lower extremities right away
Dr. Hey goes over X-Rays with family in conference room after 3 hr 10 min surgery

Cameron's complaint 15 minutes after waking up from scoliosis surgery in PACU at Duke Raleigh Hospital, Raleigh, NC

"My nose itches!"
Mom and dad show her X-rays with her new posture

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