Thursday, June 5, 2014

What is Long-Term Outcome for Adult Scoliosis Surgery at 10 years? Lynn's 10 year report.

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From: Lynn
Date: Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 2:51 PM
Subject: 10 YEARS!!
To: "hey>
Hello Dr. Hey,
 I am writing you in honor of what is about to be 10 years since your performed my miracle surgery – June 15th ! That is the day that will be much celebrated by me as it is every year. I promise you that not a day has gone by that I don't think of you with thankfulness in my heart. I am still walking miles every day, working out at the gym and even doing yoga. Your expertise as a surgeon has given me the highest quality of life that allows me to appreciate every day on the planet.

I hope at some point our paths will cross again either by visiting your clinic or perhaps seeing you at Beaufort (if you still visit the coast). I would love to give you a hug and look you in the eye and let you know how very much I appreciate you Dr. Hey.

Thanks for everything and all the best to you always,


 Lloyd A. Hey, MD MS
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery

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