Saturday, June 7, 2014

Will I be glad I had my scoliosis fixed as an adult 1 year, 2 years... 5 years... 10 years later?

Lynn, who just celebrated her 10 year anniversary of her scoliosis surgery with me, send me her story today and said it would be ok to share with all of you.  Enjoy!  Dr. Lloyd Hey - Hey Clinic.

"My scoliosis developed late in my life not really impacting me until my mid-forties. My first signs were that of discomfort, feeling like I needed to have my back stretched or popped. I tried chiropractors and massage therapy which provided short term relief. I also remember asking coworkers of mine to walk on my back to make it feel better! When I was about 47 I started having friends remark about my posture and that I needed to try to stand up straight, which of course irritated me because I was standing as straight as I could. Due to the increased curvature of my spine from age 47 to 51 when I had my surgery I lost three inches of my height. My spine not only curved it "humped" over. As the curvature increased I begin to feel uncomfortable internally - feeling nauseous, light headed and experienced shortness of breath. About the time I met Dr Hey and scheduled my surgery my symptoms had progressed to numbness and tingling in my legs. I truly believe that had I not had surgery I would be confined to a wheelchair if even still alive.

Immediately after my surgery the physical symptoms of nausea and light headedness disappeared. I was in the hospital at Duke for five days and then went home and begin feeling like a new person. I love to walk and fortunately it was part of my post surgery prescription. A week after I returned home I had worn out the wheels on my walker and had to get them replaced! Recovery from the procedure went very smoothly with minimal discomfort.

Today at 61 I am healthy and happy thanks to Dr Hey.


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