Monday, February 2, 2015

52 yo gentleman relieved of sciatica agony with minimally / less invasive decompressive lumbar surgery

Feb 2 2015
Dear Hey Clinic Team,  
Ashlee, Tracy, Rachel and of course Dr. Hey,
I can’t thank the entire Hey Clinic Team enough for providing me so much compassionate care.  I was in so much pain, yet once I arrived at the clinic I immediately felt relief as everyone took on my case with interest, concern and professionalism.
From the moment we spoke on the phone, and the subsequent email exchanges, I knew the Hey Clinic was where I wanted my case to be handled.  Your extra effort, and lobbying on my behalf to speed up the initial consult, was critical to getting the ball rolling.  Thank you so very much for that intuitive grasp of my case your guidance in bringing it together.
I’m still in awe of what you managed to coordinate in such a short time.  It was, for me, a miracle. I cannot even imagine the logistics, favors and insights you called upon to bring my surgery to such an expedient start.  I thank you, deeply, for your caring nature, persistence, and your intelligence of the ways to satisfy hospitals and insurance agencies. 
I’m on the road to recovery. It feels so good to finally get some sleep and even walk a few hundred yards.  I have all of you to thank for this positive change in my life.
Warmest regards, 

Peter G

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