Friday, February 20, 2015

Should I consider having revision scoliosis / kyphosis surgery? 24 yo Stephanie shares her experience

I would like to first start off by saying Dr. and his team are absolutely amazing. I am 6 weeks post op from my spinal revision surgery. I had scoliosis correction surgery 6 years ago by a different surgeon. Both of my rods had broken and I was in intense pain. One of my rods was even poking through and you could see and feel it. It was horrible. My deformity was continually worsening as was my posture. The Scoliosis Specialist who had done my first surgery just loaded me up with muscle relaxers and pain meds and acted like I could just live with my broken rods. I knew I had to get a second opinion.
One Sunday afternoon I was researching scoliosis surgeons within North Carolina when I came across Dr. Hey's website. I read several reviews that told stories about how Dr. Hey had changed many of his patient's lives. I submitted a patient inquiry form on his website hoping to hear back soon. A couple hours later, Dr. Hey himself called me! I was absolutely shocked to say the least--a doctor called me on a Sunday afternoon?!?! He set up an appointment for me the very next morning (which happened to be Columbus Day--and I was off work).
When I met Dr. Hey I just knew I wanted him to do my surgery. He was so confident that not only could he take out my broken rods--but replace them with stronger rods that would give me a straight back and much better posture. I knew that Dr. Hey was an answer to prayer!
Once I was admitted for surgery Dr. Hey prayed with me and my family and continued to do so during my entire hospital stay. He made me and my family feel comfortable and confident that I was in good hands. The Duke Raleigh hospital staff was absolutely fantastic! I cannot even explain how attentive and sweet they were to me and my family. The care I received made me feel like I was the only patient in the whole hospital!
My experience with the Hey Clinic Team and the Duke Raleigh Hospital staff was incredible. I am now 2 inches taller, and I have a straight back. It is the most amazing feeling ever. I feel so much better than I did before my surgery! I would recommend Dr. Hey to anyone who needs spinal surgery. He is the best! - Steph D on Google.

Dr. Hey 


Despina Papalouca said...

Hello! :) I really want to speak with this girl! My name is Despina, I'm 29 years old with a broken rod too. I feel that I have to pause my life and dreams again plus having a big doubt if I can resume them.. I'm terrified. I try to stay strong and positive as I'm in the process looking for a good scoliosis clinic to treat myself the best way as possible. I would really appreciate if I can manage to get in contact with Stephanie. Thank you!

Lloyd Hey said...

Despina, please contact Wendy at the Hey Clinic and she can get you in touch with her.