Friday, May 1, 2009

12 yo girl playing golf during first 3 months after scoliosis surgery, hitting the ball better than preop. She and her mom tell their story

I saw this young lady and her mom back for follow-up at Hey Clinic this afternoon, looking great, and sharing how she has been back playing golf even during the first few weeks postoperatively.
She lives on a golf course, and says that her swing is better and stronger now, which she attributes to her straighter spine.

This past weekend I was actually talking to a dad from Florida, who as a teenage daughter who also is an excellent golfer, but also has a scoliosis with a big curve.
He was very concerned when he was told that she would not be able to play golf for a prolonged period if she had surgery, and should therefore put off surgery until end of high school.
I got him in touch with Alex, who is also from Florida, who was given similar advice years ago, and eventually came up to Hey Clinic and got his scoliosis fixed, and quickly got back to golf.  His story is told in a couple of Hey Clinic blog entries from last year, which can be found under "Alex Golf"

Now today, our young lady came in and wanted to tell her story, which she and her mom shared in this brief video.
I have had adolescent as well as adult golfer scoliosis surgery guests who have told me that they can hit the ball much better after surgery — most say it is due to better alignment, longer trunk/torso, and others say it is because of decreased pain, and others see a more metaphysical synergy between the titanium in the spine harmonizing with the titanium in the golf club!

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