Thursday, October 6, 2011

Getting the SAS JMP help I needed

Since 1985 as a second year medical student at Harvard, I've been interested in clinical research and statistics. It was in that year that I got first copy of SAS PC on 15 floppy discs and installed it on my new IBM xt computer w the little green monochrome screen and massive 20mb hard drive. I had to write tons of lines of code to analyze the data for my thesis which examined the health status an care for children in emergency shelters. The program would then run all might with my dot matrix printer slowly spitting out the results all night long.

In 1991-2, dr. John hall and staff at Boston childen's sent me to get my Masters in Clinical Epidemiology where I became an outcomes research dude and SAS whiz. Those skills have been a blessing for years of inspiring and helping many students on faculty at Duke.

Recently I've been learning how to use JMP from SAS on my little MAC Air laptop. I ran into major snag and have been really wanting to fin a tutor to help me out.

God answered this prayer this afternoon when mike came in for a scoliosis visit. I asked what mike did for a living and he told me he was statistician at SAS!!! Jackpot!!

So, with his permission I ran and grabbed my laptop, and within about 10 seconds he answered my question and then showed me 3 other cool things. Super awesome.

Mike and i decided to barter for SAS help for spine help! Win-win! He also is getting me the tutoring I need to become a JMP Stud so we can complete several research projects at Hey Clinic.

Thanks so much for your help Mike!

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