Sunday, October 9, 2011

A message from my mom to nurses. Her decision to volunteer to do scoliosis screenings again.

Fellow nurses,

Please click on the website below to read the inspiration for my decision to volunteer to do scoliosis screenings in local schools as I did for 15 years as a nurse-teacher in Oyster Bay, Long Island.  Budget cuts in all schools have eliminated positions for nurses qualified to do this screening.  Even if the nurses can do the screening, understaffing has eliminated time to do this.  I did it as part of the preliminaries for Sports' and annual physicals.  The training is very easy... as with all nursing preparation, it takes time to develop skill.  But our skill is better than no detection at all.  One concern we all have is law suits.  I will work on this problem because most of us have no malpractice insurance.

Most pediatricians include this screening in their physicals.  Some do not... and some students never see a doctor except in the Emergency Room.

I hope we can make a difference.

June Hey

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