Tuesday, November 22, 2011

11 yo with 50 degree early onset scoliosis (EOS) idiopathic curve fixed yesterday. Other patients seen today.

This young lady’s curve has progressed rapidly over this past year up to 50 degrees, with 20 degree progression since last October 2010!

Fortunately she has grown enough that we can do the definitive scoliosis instrumentation as opposed to the Shilla Technique, which is a special growing rod technology we use for smaller children --- this allows ongoing growth with hardware sliding over time.

Her surgery yesterday went great! Estimated blood loss 250 cc.  Her “hump” on the right side was gone after surgery.
This morning she looks great in the PICU at WakeMed Children’s Hospital — a great unit and great hospital.

This morning, I saw a 12 yo boy with 33 degree curve with first diagnosis, and had long talk with patient and mom going over bracing options vs. observation, and gave them several good resources available through our blog and at SRS.org for further info.  It is important to think through and educate the families about the pluses and minuses of bracing before starting the process.  This boy is in a 50%+ risk category for progression, given the size of his curve and the number of years remaining.  The brace can help in some cases to slow the curve progression, but does not actually make the curve smaller.

Mom and patient felt good about discussion.

I was next greeted with a big hug from  my wonderful patient originally from Chicago that I fixed years ago with her 90 degree kyphosis.  Her story and video is out there on my web archives somewhere!  Her kyphosis surgery with me years ago @ Duke solved her neck pain which was a mystery to doctors in Chicago who kept MRI’ing her neck!  The neck pain was actually secondary to the hyperlordosis her neck had to do to make up for her kyphosis.  She looks great today, and is still very with her awesome posture and pain relief.

Her daughter Charlotte is a Pre-Med at NC State, and is super bright.  She does research with us now.  Very bright future for this young lady!

Will be doing anterior/posterior reconstruction today for good part of day.

Dr. Lloyd Hey
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery

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