Friday, December 30, 2011

What's up with all these scoliosis young ladies towering over me? Erin back from College As My Helpful Shadow.

Saw lots of smiling teenagers yesterday afternoon and today in clinic back with their parents for postop adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) and kyphosis visits. Saw some new families for scoliosis consultation.

To my left here is Taylor, who had a 77 degree kyphoscoliosis. It was awesome to hear her talk about how her life has changed since her surgery. She's gained a couple inches in height, (now taller than me!), and finds it easier to play her horn in the band since her breathing is easier. She also shared how it has improved her posture and appearance, which has helped her self-confidence. Go Taylor!!

I also saw Jessica back for her scoliosis postop visit. She's going to be a lawyer, and is smart as a whip. We saw her little sister as well who has scoliosis and some kyphosis, but the curves look like they are going to be amenable to conservative management.

I see a consistent problem now.... these young ladies are all now taller than I am! Bumma! Need to find some of my smaller guests.....

NOW I'm feeling a little taller.... Logan, my 11 yo early onset scoliosis surgery patient was back for her six week follow-up visit doing very well getting back into her usual dance and other activities. Logan wants to be a marine biologist.... I want to get her and her family to visit my friend who is semi-retired Professor at the Duke Marine Lab down in Beaufort NC this summer.

Yesterday in clinic, I had Erin shadowing me --- Erin had scoliosis surgery with me five years ago and now is a freshman in college. Erin ended up being able to help several scoliosis families who had lots of questions about possible surgery for their sons or daughters. Erin actually wrote a book about her scoliosis surgery journey back when she was 13 -- a book that has been at Hey Clinic ever since. She used the book in clinic yesterday to show the realities of scoliosis surgery. Erin could then also answer questions ---- including showing how she can put her hands flat on the floor, bending all the way down to the ground even though she is fused from T5-L3! Erin's willingness to help other people and sharing her journey was inspiring. Her mom has also chosen to help several scoliosis families over the past few years, including accompanying one family during their child's surgery. Inspiring loving service to total strangers, who end up becoming trusted friends.

Happy New Year to All!

Dr. Lloyd Hey
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery
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