Saturday, February 8, 2014

Can I do well after cervical myelopathy and multi-level ACDF?

From: Herb
Date: February 8, 2014 at 12:56:07 PM EST
To: Sarahruth Miller <>, Lloyd Hey <>
Subject: Re: Hey Clinic Appointment

Re: Hey Clinic Appointment Hey Clinic                                                                        February 2014
            Injury and age took
            Dr. Hey's Surgery restored
            Thank you for treatment
More specifically:
            Seeking a second orthopedic opinion regarding a diagnosis and recommendation of an ACDF surgery, I found Dr. Hey by an internet search.  Clearly I chose well. Dr. Hey discussed my issues, examined and reviewed my records, and spent an hour clearly explaining the details of his diagnosis and the meaning and consequences of his findings and answering my questions.  I suffered multiple and advanced disc degeneration and showed MRI and symptomatic effects of spinal cord injury (likely from the auto accident two years earlier).  He offered to meet again, this time with my wife and I to involve her in this important decision, which we did.  The four-level C3-7 ACDF surgery was scheduled and we were kept well informed in the weeks of pre-op preparation.  I cancelled my previously scheduled ski trip.
            After the surgery there was no pain; I did not need, nor use, pain medication.  I closely followed the protocol for wearing the neck brace for the next six weeks (not fun, especially for the first few nights – but necessary). The arm, neck and shoulder pain, that was increasing prior to the surgery, was now, immediately and completely gone.  Next morning I was up and walking about and was discharged from the hospital (I was 69).  
        Healing through the remaining year was uneventful.  Head turning left and right was only minimally reduced compared to pre-surgery.  Bending my head forward and down is reduced a little more.  Symptoms of the spinal cord injury were improved and its danger to my walking and well-being was reduced.  
            Last week I was released from care at my one-year exam.  Next week I return to skiing.  Thank you for the excellent care and surgery.  

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