Friday, May 2, 2014

17 year old Corbyn – underwent scoliosis surgery for a 50 degree T6-L2 curve and a 5 cm trunk shift

Three days after her scoliosis surgery, Corbyn, a 17 year old dancer and athlete from Granite Quarry, NC, was sitting up taller and straighter in her hospital room. With the support of her family, I met Corbyn as she was preparing for her two-hour trip back home. This sparked my interest in how often and how far families will travel for the right medical care. For several years, Corbyn’s doctor monitored her growing curve.  However, it was not until Corbyn’s mother noticed her daughter’s rapidly increasing trunk shift that she sought out a second opinion and came across Dr. Hey online. They initially made the trip because of Dr. Hey’s credentials, but chose to remain under his care after the encouraging words and compassionate care of the Hey Clinic team. Shortly after her surgery, Corbyn and her mother were already amazed by her significantly straightened posture. As a high school senior, whose dancing and cheerleading required Corbyn to find unique ways to center her balance, her family is very excited about how her surgery will transform her sense of balance. Everyday at the Hey Clinic, we are fortunate to meet families who will make the trip to Raleigh, NC. We are grateful to always be inspired by families like Corbyn’s who remain optimistic and will travel the distance to receive medical care from Dr. Hey and his team. 

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