Monday, May 5, 2014

6 Weeks After Surgery- What does the Recovery from Scoliosis look like on Someone with Friedreich’s Ataxia?

Mary: “Hi, I’m Mary, and I just had my back fused. I’m doing pretty good. I’m taller and I’m feeling pretty good, so thanks to all the nurses and Dr. Hey.”

Mary’s Father: “And I would like to thank Dr. Hey and his staff and everybody at the Hospital at Duke Raleigh. It was great, and it went much better than I thought it might. We were very pleased.”

24 year old Mary came to the Hey Clinic about a year ago with Friedreich’s ataxia, progressive scoliosis, and back and neck pain.  She was first diagnosed with scoliosis at age 9, but over the past 8 years, her scoliosis progressed almost 5 degrees/year. At the time of her surgery, 6 weeks ago, she had a C6-T7 curve measuring 40 degrees and a 52 degree curve from T7-L3. In addition, her kyphosis measured 72 degrees. It was great seeing Mary back in the office today! Below are Mary's pre-op and post-op x-rays. 

Mary gave us permission to use her testimonial for educational purposed on the Hey Clinic blog.

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