Tuesday, March 31, 2009

14 yo girl 3 months after scoliosis surgery doing flips on trampolene. Getting people back to sports after scoliosis surgery.

Today, one of our adolescent scoliosis guests came in for her 3 month checkup and shared this video clip with Jaclyn, my PA.
She had a T5-L3 instrumentation and fusion for a double curve scoliosis.  We worked very hard to keep her fusion as short as possible, preserving the bottom 3 disks, but still getting an awesome correction.
In this video, she is shown doing front and back flips on a trampoline, with very good form, and excellent flexibility.
She was also snow-boarding this past winter as well.
We allow our adolescent scoliosis guests to return quickly to sports.  
We have had very competitive swimmers, for example, get back to diving into the pool, and doing kick turns within first couple of weeks of surgery.
This is especially important for high performance swimmers, and other athletes, who have real trouble catching up training-wise if they were out of commission for several months.
It is also a huge part of their life, their growth, and development.
The young lady from Indiana who plays very highly competitive basketball looks forward to getting back to the courts soon. 

This can be accomplished safely our spinal hardware constructs and surgical techniques combined with the stronger bone found in younger people.
Enjoy the video!
Lloyd A. Hey, MD MS
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