Friday, October 30, 2009

26 yo police officer w painful progressive idiopathic scoliosis fixed today

Surgical time: 3.5 hrs.
T5-L4 instrumentation and fusion.
Complications: none.
EBL: 1150 cc.
Bood transfused: none.
Correction excellent.

A great team and a great Friday morning here Duke Raleigh Hospital OR room 12.

Now back to clinic.
Saw Dr. R this morning in clinic before surgery, doing great as hospitalist after my revision anterior posterior  scoliosis surgery for her years ago

Dr. Lloyd Hey
Hey Clinic for scoliosis and Spine Surgery


Tarrin said...

Great work! Nice to see my brother-in-law made it out ok and the correction looks wonderful!

gretchen09 said...

Thank you so much for helping my nephew Kyle! The correcion looks great! I am so greatful everything went well. Thank you again