Thursday, October 8, 2009

Guest returns to Hey Clinic and brings a smile to our faces

Throughout the years at Hey Clinic we have received gifts of thanks from many of our guests.
Today a gentleman came into our clinic for a follow up appointment to surgery that he had with Dr. Hey at Duke. Hey Clinic’s medical assistant, Tracy, brought this gentleman into one of our exam rooms to begin his appointment. To Tracy’s surprise the gentleman looked up on the counter and pointed to a drawing of two hands in prayer that has been displayed for several years.
He said that he was the artist and had given the drawing to Dr. Hey in 2003 when he had surgery. He was surprised and happy that Dr. Hey had held on to the drawing for so long. Tracy was delighted by the news, we have three other exam rooms and he could have been placed in any of them. We knew that we were meant to be reminded that even if our guests move on with their lives they will always be cared for by our team.

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