Wednesday, August 5, 2009

T45 huge disc herniation w osteoporotic fracture above previous kyphoscoliosis surgery fixed today.

This 68 yo lady was initially doing well recovering from complex kyphoscoliosis surgery. She was discharged from rehab Saturday and then had incresing problems walking.
We had excellent teammork w doctors out near Boone NC to have her urgently transferred  MRI late last night showed huge thoracic disc herniation w fracture and spinal cord compression, shown on left in photo here.

We just finished doing her reconstruction with 2 level laminectomy, bilateral transpedicular discectomy w intraoperative ultrasound to confirm complete decompression.

Surgical time: 4 hour 10 min.
EBL: 850 cc.
Blood transfused: none.

Many thanks to all of the people in western NC and here in Raleigh who worked together to help this woman in this urgent situation.

Dr. Lloyd Hey
Hey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery


Brad said...

As the son of the "68yo lady", I would just like to express my gratitude to Dr Hey and his team for all they have done to try to get my mom back on her feet. Its nothing short of a miracle that within a couple of days of her latest injury, Dr Hey can be at the hospital fixing her (again).

I hope now that he can go back and enjoy the rest of his vacation!

kristen said...

A huge huge thanks to all of the amazing people that helped make this possible for my mom!

Thanks to Dr Rothe for catching the problem in the first place and starting the ball rolling; the awesome team at the Spruce Pine Hospital who orchestrated her seamless transfer to Raleigh; the amazing team at the Hey Clinic including Brittany, Jenny and Tracy who between them made about 1000 phone calls to coordinate; Dr Finkle for waiting til nearly midnight to read the MRI so Dr Hey would know what he was heading into; and of course to Dr Hey's family who was gracious enough to loan him to us for a few days to take care of my mom!

All of us who love her really appreciate the role each of you played in making this surgery happen!

Jill V said...

Yay for Hey! Thank you, Doctor Hey for taking such amazing care of my Aunt Kit. The whole family (and there are A LOT of us) are in awe of you and your team.

With kind regards,